Sample Antique Appraisal: 1919 World Series Souvenir Record Book.

An antique appraiser must protect the confidential nature of the appraiser-client relationship and operate in good faith with the client’s interests in mind. The following is a sample antique appraisal I conducted in November 2010 for a previous client who requested a third-party valuation for estate planning purposes. It is presented here as a sample of my work with the client’s full authorization. All personal information has been omitted per the client’s request.

Property Description

One “Souvenir Record Book” from the 1919 World Series published by the Regan Printing House in Chicago. The booklet depicts players from the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds beside career statistics and brief biographical summaries.


The book is labled on the back cover “Regan Printing House.” The title page states the information was “compiled by A.A. Prusank, Chicago.”


The booklet is 7 inches wide and 5.25 inches high. There are 36 pages printed in black and white.


There is a small, one-inch tear on the cover and first three pages. There is a slight vertical crease down the middle of each page, the result of the booklet having been folded over the years. Faint pencil marks are visible on the title page. The red cover has stained the title and back pages slightly. The pages are stapled together, though the centerfold page feels looser than others.


The booklet was sold outside the ballpark in Chicago for 25-cents during the 1919 World Series and differs from the official World Series program sold within the stadium. This particular booklet was purchased by the client in 1984 for $5 at an estate sale in Tampa.

Conclusions and Valuations

The Souvenir Record Book is far rarer than the official 1919 World Series program. The booklets did not sell well and few have survived over the decades. In recent years, other 1919 World Series Souvenir Record Books have sold between $500 and $1,200. Based on the item’s condition and demand for 1919 World Series memorabilia, it is my opinion this item has a fair market value between $800 and $900 today.

Historical Background

The 1919 World Series arguably is the most historic and certainly the most infamous Fall Classic ever. The Black Sox Scandal threatened to permanently scar baseball’s reputation and posed the biggest threat to the game’s integrity it has ever seen.

Ultimately, eight Chicago players were banned from baseball for ties to organized gambling and accusations they threw the series. The team was as infamous as it was talented, including three future Hall of Famers (Eddie Collins, Ray Schalk and Red Faber) and the legendary “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, considered one of the best hitters ever but whose career was cut short due to his alleged role in the Series.

Few other World Series’ are as recognizable to both collectors and casual fans and it has been the subject of several books and movies.

Memorabilia from the 1919 World Series is among the most scarce and coveted by baseball collectors. Authentic programs, ticket stubs, pennants and other items from the infamous series can fetch several hundred or thousands of dollars on the auction market.