Sports Authentication Services

Have you ever gone to a game, seen your favorite player and begged for an autograph? I have and it’s fun. But when you get the signature home, guess what? All you have is an autograph and a good story. That’s fine if you’re gonna keep it forever. But what if you want to sell it? Getting someone to buy your autographed souvenir is tough, getting them to believe your story might be impossible. Collectors are naturally skeptical and if you ever try selling it you’ll need more than a good story.

What collectors want is an objective, third-party to evaluate the signature. In most cases, this means mailing your treasured item to an authentication service in some far-flung location and waiting weeks for an answer. And if they deem your item inauthentic – for whatever reason – you’re out of luck and money.

I want to change that and here’s how:

  • I offer ethical, unbiased, stringent third-party authentication services.
  • I back my evaluations as a lifelong collector and certified appraiser.
  • I don’t rubber stamp anything. There are too many fly-by-night authenticators looking to make a buck. They demean the entire industry. My reputation is worth more than that.
  • If I think something is inauthentic, I’ll tell you for free. There’s┬ánothing more humiliating than learning your “Ted Williams” autograph is a fake, trust me. No one should have to pay for that.
  • No conflict of interest – I will never offer to buy your signed memorabilia. I’m in the business of selling an honest opinion and that’s it. If I offered to buy your memorabilia that could cloud my judgement and that doesn’t benefit you.
  • Once I’ve authenticated your item, the authentication is yours to keep. If potential buyers or future owners have questions, they can contact me directly. Your authentication will be kept on file infinitely.
  • Best of all, you keep your signed memorabilia. No hassle with mailing, shipping, insurance and so on. If you’re in the Orlando or Tampa area, I can even come to you. Once I’ve evaluated the items, you’ll get a report within five to 10 business days.
  • All authentications come with an appraised value, either fair market or replacement depending on the client’s needs.

I’ve appraised more than $500,000 in rare sports memorabilia in recent years. I’ve helped Hall of Fame players evaluate their own collections and assisted collectors itemize museum-quality, one-of-a-kind items. This is a passion and I want to share it with my clients.

There is a small, flat fee for authentications of 10 or fewer items and hourly rates for larger collections. Authentication services are only for 20th and 21st century sports memorabilia at this time.

If you live in Florida and need your sports memorabilia authenticated and appraised, please contact me directly at 813.240.4586 or email me at Or on Facebook.