Antique Consignments

Grant Miller Appraisals also offers online consignment services on select antiques, vintage goods and collectibles. Here’s what you can expect with Grant Miller Appraisals and Consignments:

  • A top-rated online merchant with 100 percent customer satisfaction and lengthy performance history.
  • Well-researched and accurate descriptions of your antiques and valuables by a lifelong collector and USPAP-certified appraiser.
  • Quality photos that will highlight your antiques and show buyers exactly what they want to see.
  • Quick turn-around and secure packaging.
  • We handle all the headaches so you don’t – problem customers, deliveries, returns.
  • Once your items sell, you get paid and a detailed report of how your antiques sold.
Here’s how the process works:
  • You submit the antiques, we research, photograph and list it to get the most views and potential buyers.
  • Most auctions run a week, but we can work with what’s best for you – three days, five days, 10 days or more.
  • Buyers typically have a week to pay, but many pay the same day. The quicker a buyer pays, the sooner you get paid.
  • Returns are handled by Grant Miller Appraisals, you don’t have to worry about it! Grant Miller Appraisals has sold thousands of antiques and collectibles over the years and fewer than one percent have been returned!
  • Once the customer is satisfied, we cut you a check – it’s that easy!
  • Grant Miller Appraisals charges 30 percent commission on all items or collections that sell for more than $50. This covers all listing and shipping fees. There is a 50 percent commission for items that sell for less than $50. There are no fees or upfront costs until your item sells!

Still not sure you want to consign? You can even set a reserve price to make sure you get the value you want. There is an additional fee for reserve price auctions.

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